Oracle Cancer Trust is the UK’s leading charity solely dedicated to funding research into head and neck cancer

Oracle Cancer Trust’s strategy is to provide full or joint funding for research projects that help improve outcomes for patients through detection and treatment and/or preserve the senses and improve the quality of life of those affected by head and neck cancers.

Oracle understands that it is unlikely it can take a potential project from inception to full regulatory approval given the considerable sums involved in full clinical trials. However, there is a clear gap in research funding for proof of concept, early stage work. The large funders of research are less interested in supporting work at this early stage in the research process. For a research concept to reach a level where it can be taken up by one of the large grant-funding bodies, it needs ‘pump priming’ or ‘piloting ‘ and that is where Oracle can add the most value. Additionally some research projects, because they focus on areas that cannot be commercialised or in the modern NHS are deemed unprofitable, are not of interest to pharmaceutical companies or other major funders of research. Here too, Oracle can fill a research funding gap.

Oracle will support projects at hospitals and research institutes in the United Kingdom that can demonstrate a commitment to research in head and neck cancers. The Institute of Cancer Research, given its leading role in the sector, provides the majority of current projects Oracle supports. However, Oracle is also supporting a project at Addenbrooke’s Hospital (part of Cambridge University Hospitals). Oracle is keen to widen the localities for its research grants and is actively seeking high quality projects from other head and neck centres in the UK.