Summer 2017 Newsletter out now

Posted under Fundraising, Newsletter, Research, Research Projects, Supporters on Our Summer 2017 newsletter is now available to download.  Our biggest ever issue has 16 pages of inspiring fundraising stories, research updates and the exciting news about our new partnership with Oxford-based research Charity, Heads Up. If you have any feedback on the newsletter or would like to be sent a printed copy, please do get […]

Oxford Charity “Heads Up” joins forces with Oracle Cancer Trust

Related Site Oracle Cancer Trust is delighted to announce that the charity is joining forces with Oxford-based head and neck cancer research charity Heads Up Friday 9th June 2017 Heads Up was founded ten years ago with the sole aim of funding research into head and neck cancer.  During this time it has acted as a pathway […]

Spring 2017 Newsletter out now

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الخيارات الثنائية Øدود التداول Our Spring 2017 newsletter is now available to download.  In this issue we have articles about our latest research projects, fundraising events and articles from supporters taking on challenges to raise funds for our pioneering head and neck cancer research programmes.

Oracle funds new pioneering imaging study

Posted under Research, Research Projects on Oracle have pledged funding for an exciting new research project at the Institute of Cancer Research, led by Dr Gabriela Kramer-Marek (pictured) and Oracle Honorary Trustee, Professor Kevin Harrington. The project work, which will take 12 months, will be undertaken by postdoctoral scientist, Dr Carlos Daniel Martins. In his project, Carlos will be investigating how scientists […]

Join us and help break a world record for Oracle

Posted under Fundraising, Newsletter, Research Projects, Supporters on Oracle supporter and serial challenge participant, viagra 100mg Ed Vanson, dosage is aiming to break a Guinness World Record in support of Oracle this October and he needs your help! Ed is looking to break the record for the Largest Number of Participants in a continuous Badminton Rally and to do that he needs at […]

Robotic Surgery

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Recommended Reading Seeing is believing – how new robotic surgery trials hope to provide a leap forward for head and neck cancer surgery Peter Rhys Evans One of the key attributes of a surgeon is to have steady hands and for head and neck surgeons this is of critical importance given the sensitive areas of the body […]

Robot assisted Research

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iforex How a robot has become indispensable in the search for a new viral/drug combination for head and neck cancer Dr Joan Kyula and Dr Victoria Roulstone Researchers are used to complexity, buy cialis it’s what they’re trained to do, but two scientists, who were carrying out a large scale project for Oracle, were grateful for […]

MR Linac – revolutionising radiotherapy

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Professor Uwe Oelfke Finding new ways to improve the accuracy of head and neck cancer treatment so that healthy cells are protected is now at the forefront of research.   As we reported in our Winter newsletter, and work is due to start shortly using the new £10 million MR Linac machine on a pre-clinical head […]

A new era for thyroid cancer

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Dr Malin Pedersen Like all other cancers, cost thyroid cancer is a disease that affects the DNA, adiposity or genetic code of cells.  These genetic changes allow tumours to grow more efficiently, prescription spread and become resistant to treatment. In this project, Dr Pedersen is testing new drugs and new drug combinations for patients with […]

Solving the problem of treatment resistance

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Dr Holly Barker We know that radiotherapy is a successful treatment for many types of head and neck cancer, erectile but how can we make this treatment even more effective and what do we do when the cancer shows signs of becoming resistant to treatment? In this study, shop Dr Holly Barker is looking at […]

Stopping Cancer cells from repairing themselves after radiotherapy

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Dr Hind Hafsi Whilst radiotherapy is an effective treatment for all sorts of cancers, help it is also possible for some cancer cells to repair themselves after being targeted with radiation.  So, if it was possible to use a drug combination which prevents this ‘self-repair’ it would mean radiotherapy could lead to 100% cell death. […]

Paving the way for a new gene therapy

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Professor Caroline Springer & Dr Serena Thomasina Ghelfi Finding specific drug therapies that can selectively target cancer cells has been the focus for a range of cancer research projects in recent years.  A big leap forward was achieved when scientists discovered ways of targeting the genes within cancer cells to effectively ‘turn off’ the cancer. […]