Join the Oracle community and become an Oracle Friend by making a regular donation to the charity by direct debit or online giving. By making a regular donation, you can help the charity to plan for the future and commit funding to new head and neck cancer research projects while you receive the unique benefits of becoming an Oracle Friend.

How do I become an Oracle Friend?

What benefits do I receive from becoming an Oracle Friend? By becoming an Oracle friend, you are helping Oracle Cancer Trust to be able to plan for the future.

There’s minimal hassle – it’s as simple as committing a weekly, monthly or quarterly gift to the charity. What’s more, if you’re a UK taxpayer, you can sign up for Gift Aid to be added to your donation at no extra cost to you meaning that Oracle receives 25% extra on your regular donation. By becoming an Oracle friend, you’ll be joining a community of Oracle supporters committed to improving treatments for head and neck cancer. You’ll receive an annual Friends newsletter,  and can also ask for your name to be added to our Oracle Friends list on this web page and in our Annual Report.

Oracle Friends News
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