A new era for thyroid cancer

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Dr Malin Pedersen

Like all other cancers, cost thyroid cancer is a disease that affects the DNA, adiposity or genetic code of cells.  These genetic changes allow tumours to grow more efficiently, prescription spread and become resistant to treatment.

In this project, Dr Pedersen is testing new drugs and new drug combinations for patients with thyroid cancer.

One of these treatments will involve new drugs that can awaken the patient’s own immune system to the presence of the tumour.  These so-called immunotherapies are showing huge promise across a wide variety of tumour types, but as yet no-one has investigated their role in treating thyroid cancers.

Dr Pedersen says: “I have had significant success with a similar project for malignant melanoma and now with the support of the Oracle Cancer Trust, I am confident that I can make important discoveries that will benefit patients with thyroid cancers.”

Without the research grant from Oracle, which is funding the initial exploratory work for this important project, Dr Pedersen would not be able to compete for funding for a larger clinical trial.