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The Head and Neck Cancer Coalition, of which Oracle Cancer Trust is a founding member, recently published it’s first Head and Neck Cancer UK Patient Survey.  

A new survey has shed light on the experience of Head and Neck Cancer patients in the UK and how their treatment could be improved. The Head and Neck Cancer Coalition has released a report titled ‘Head and Neck Cancer in the UK: Patients, healthcare professionals and landscape analysis’, which was supported by Merck.  

The study was conducted with the aim of understanding the perspective of Head and Neck Cancer patients throughout their treatment journey. It surveyed patients, carers, and healthcare professionals to gain insights into the challenges they face and how they believe the healthcare system could be improved.  

The report found that patients experienced significant physical and emotional side effects during treatment, which affected their quality of life. They also encountered communication problems during their care, as well as limited access to support services.  

In particular, the report highlighted the need for better patient education and information about the disease and the available treatment options. Patients also called for more support for their carers, who play an important role in their treatment.  

The report recommends several solutions to improve the experience of Head and Neck Cancer patients, including a new patient-centred model of care delivery, better patient education and support, and greater emphasis on long-term follow-up care.  

Overall, the ‘Head and Neck Cancer in the UK’ report provides a valuable insight into the experience of patients with this disease and offers a roadmap for how we can improve their care, ultimately leading to better outcomes for patients and their families.  

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