New MR Linac Machine taking shape

New revolutionary radiotherapy machine, MR Linac, salve is taking shape at The Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton following delivery of a giant magnet. Oracle is funding two PhD students on this pioneering project to study its use with treating head and neck cancer patients.

Says Professor Kevin Harrington “Radiation plays a central role in approximately 50% of patients who are ultimately cured of cancer but still causes anxiety among patients who fear negative post-treatment side-effects. MR-Linac has the potential to radically improve the precision of radiation delivery, eliminating the need for wide margins around a targeted tumor and significantly decreasing exposure to healthy tissues that might have been adversely impacted by older radiation technology. We expect MR-Linac to increase doctors’ confidence in treating the intended target, while also putting patients at ease.”

Watch this amazing drone footage of the giant magnet being moved into the bunker at

Photos courtesy of Elekta