Our Patrons

We are supported by some amazing people and we are grateful for the ongoing support of our two Patrons.

Sir Michael Morpurgo

Best known as the author of ‘War Horse’, Michael has previously been treated for cancer of the larynx (voicebox).

As Oracle’s Patron Michael supports Oracle in raising awareness and funding for head and neck cancer research. In the UK, head and neck cancer is now the sixth most common cancer with a new person being diagnosed every 35 minutes.

Says Michael: “Head and neck cancers are becoming frighteningly common. Sadly, levels of awareness about head and neck cancers are very low and it does not attract the level of support or funding that it should. I hope that by working with Oracle, we can change this.”

Michael Morpurgo (credit Phil Crow)
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Tony Matharu

Tony is the founder and Chairman of Integrity International Group and Blue Orchid Hotels.

Tony combines his passion for hospitality with philanthropy, sport and community engagement; acting as founder and Chairman of Integrity International Trust – building brighter futures for the most vulnerable; as London City Chairman of the Lord’s Taverner’s - “giving young people a sporting chance”; as Vice President and Patron of the Oracle Cancer Trust; and as founding Director of Central London Alliance (CIC) assisting London’s businesses and Londoners to recover post COVID-19. A supporter of the Arts, Sport & Culture, Tony is a Patron of an award-winning London film festival. Tony also holds a number of board and other positions in the Arts, charitable sector, and sport; particularly cricket and hockey, and he continues to play at representative and international levels.

A recipient of an Honorary Doctorate of Letters and a Fellow of ESCP Europe Business School, Tony is a regular adviser and commentator on entrepreneurship, hospitality and philanthropy. He is a Board Member of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a Director of Central District Alliance (Business Improvement District), is Chairman of the Asian Business Association and a Freeman of the Company of Entrepreneurs.

International Businessman of the Year (2022), Industry Hero (2021), Hotelier of the Year (2013)