Would you like to share your head and neck cancer patient journey?

Oracle Voices are people who have been affected by head and neck cancer, either as a patient, carer or family member, and who want to share their story and experiences of head and neck cancer to support Oracle’s work.

Head and neck cancer is a little-talked-about cancer type and receives substantially less funding than many other cancer types.

We are inviting you to Speak Out about your head and neck cancer experiences and become an Oracle Voice to help us raise awareness of the human impact of head and neck cancer.

What does becoming an Oracle Voice entail?

Becoming an Oracle Voice is about giving you the chance to share your own head and neck cancer story. It’s completely up to you what you feel comfortable sharing; no one will force you to talk about anything you don’t want to.

Becoming a Voice gives you the chance to opt into supporting our work in any of the following ways:

  • Sharing your story as one of our case studies on our website , in our Speak Out newsletters or on our social media platforms
  • Sharing your story with the media to help Oracle raise awareness of our work and the impact of head and neck cancer with the general public
  • Telling your story at Oracle events
  • Featuring in an Oracle Voices patient or carer film

How do I become an Oracle Voice?

Drop us a line to info@oraclecancertrust.org, we would love to hear from you! Or give us a call on 020 7922 7924.