Research Projects

Oracle’s mission is to fund the very best projects that yield the most promising results.

Every research project funded by Oracle Cancer Trust goes through a rigorous vetting procedure with independent, voluntary committees who provide expert opinion.  All projects are reviewed annually with written and verbal progress updates provided to ensure that project goals are met according to Oracle’s stringent funding guidelines and those set by AMRC.


Current Projects:


Using ‘omics’ to further our understanding of thyroid stem cells

Project supervisor Dr Annette Meeson

The University of Newcastle

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A model for Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma

PhD project led by Dr Amanda Swain and Prof Kevin Harrington

The Institute of Cancer Research

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Improving tumour sensitivity to radiotherapy treatment

PhD project led by Dr Simon Robinson

The Institute of Cancer Research

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Profiling of circulating tumour DNA

Dr Jenny Taylor

University of Oxford

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Prof Uwe Oelfke

MR Linac – revolutionising radiotherapy

PhD project led by Prof Uwe Oelfke

The Institute of Cancer Research

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Developing a biomarker to improve prospects for head and neck cancer patients

Post-Doctoral project supervised by Prof Andrew Mellor

Newcastle University

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