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If you have a persistent lump, sore throat or voice changes then always contact your GP - early diagnosis is vital.

Head and neck cancer treatment is given according to the type of cancer diagnosed and whether or not it has spread. Surgery alone cures some tumours, but others respond better to radiotherapy or combinations of radio and chemotherapy. Targeted therapies, including immunotherapies are another treatment option in head and neck cancer.

Where research is taking place and new treatments have become available we have seen some of the highest survival rates in the world.

As well as advancements in improving current treatment options including more refined surgical techniques and targeted radiation to reduce harmful side effects, breakthroughs are currently being made across a whole range of areas. For example, new imaging techniques are being developed to help guide treatment choice and predict response, meanwhile virus therapies and new immunotherapy combinations are being developed and tested by researchers in the field.

See our research pages for more information on the projects that we are currently funding in order to develop innovative treatments to not only cure, but offer kinder options for head and neck cancer.

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Cases of Oral Cancer have increased by over 90% since the 1970s.

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