An evening with Oracle Cancer Trust: Illuminating the Path to a Brighter Future

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In a remarkable celebration of both scientific progress and philanthropic achievement, Oracle Cancer Trust recently hosted an Impact Evening that left attendees inspired and hopeful. The event not only showcased the invaluable contributions of head and neck cancer experts but also outlined a visionary future for the organisation.

A Night of Transformational Insights

Oracle Cancer Trust's Impact Evening, held in the prestigious Tower Suite’s Sky Lounge by Blue Orchid Group, was a testament to the organisations dedication to advancing research and patient care for the Head and Neck cancer community. The evening was graced by renowned experts, who came together to share their groundbreaking research and demonstrate the tangible impact of our supporters’ contributions.

Research Demonstrating the Return on Investment

One of the highlights of the evening was the presentation by leading Head and Neck cancer experts. They presented compelling data and findings that highlighted the direct impact of funds raised by Oracle Cancer Trust. You now can re-watch the brilliant presentations delivered by our researchers, gaining deeper insights with each viewing.

“The pathogenesis of Human Papillomavirus in the Oropharynx” by Dr Elizabeth Marsh, Scientist and Senior Lecturer - University of Derby

“The positive potential of research on Head and Neck cancer patients: a case study on the Oncolytic Adenovirus vaccines for the treatment of solid malignancies” by Professor Gus Alusi, Consultant ENT/Head and Neck Surgeon and Oracle Cancer Trust Trustee

“Data and Inequalities in Head and Neck Cancers” by Professor Vin Paleri - Consultant Head and Neck Surgeon and Professor of Head and Neck Surgery and Professor Linda Sharp Professor of Cancer Epidemiology at Newcastle University

“Peter Rhys-Evans Scholarship recipient” Miss Sameena Hassan, Craniofacial Fellow in Plastic Surgery - Great Ormond Street Hospital

Vision for the Future

The evening was not just a reflection on past achievements; it was also an opportunity for Oracle’s CEO Tamara Kahn to set forth a clear vision for the future.

She explained how we now find ourselves in a RACE to overcome the Head and Neck cancer crisis and how Oracle’s new 5-year strategy, which is focused on improving patient outcomes through support of key programmes, raising awareness, and addressing growing healthcare inequalities will achieve this by funding research, raising awareness, working collaboratively, and improving the patient experience.


The event left attendees feeling inspired and empowered. The stories of patients who have benefited from Oracle Cancer Trust's research and support initiatives served as a powerful reminder of the life-changing impact of their contributions. In feedback collected guests commented how they found “learning more about HPV”, “hearing about developments in prevention and treatment of Head and Neck cancer” and “being able to meet the Oracle Team face to face” most valuable.

Community Engagement

The event also provided an opportunity for attendees to engage with like-minded individuals and organisations who share a passion for supporting the Head and Neck cancer community. The sense of community and shared purpose in the room was palpable, strengthening the bonds between those committed to making a difference.

Supporting our future ambitions

The evening had showcased the organisation's track record of success and painted a compelling picture of what the future holds. As the evening concluded, attendees were left with a clear call to action: to continue supporting Oracle Cancer Trust's ambitions. Whether through financial contributions, volunteering, or advocacy, all were encouraged to play a role in Oracle Cancer Trust's journey to overcoming the Head and Neck cancer crisis.

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