Oracle Cancer Trust’s Impact on International Head and Neck Cancer Day

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In today's digital age, social media has proven to be a powerful tool for raising awareness about important health issues and rallying support for crucial causes. On International Head and Neck Cancer Day, Oracle Cancer Trust demonstrated the profound impact and reach that social media can have in promoting awareness and advocacy for this often-overlooked type of cancer.

Shining a Light on International Head and Neck Cancer Day

International Head and Neck Cancer Day, observed on July 27th each year, is a global initiative aimed at raising awareness about Head and Neck cancers, their prevention, early detection, and treatment. These cancers, which affect various parts of the head and neck, including the mouth, throat, larynx, and sinuses, can have a significant impact on patients' lives.

Key Strategies for Success

  1. Compelling Visual Content: Oracle Cancer Trust's social media posts were accompanied by eye-catching graphics, images and video content. These visuals helped capture the audience's attention and convey the seriousness of Head and Neck cancers.
  2. Educational Content: We shared informative posts about the risk factors, symptoms, and prevention strategies related to Head and Neck cancers. This educational content aimed to empower individuals with knowledge and encourage early detection.
  3. Patient Stories: A personal narrative was provided by Jon Organ, a Head and Neck cancer survivor helping to humanise the cause. Jon's Instagram stories, where he courageously shared his journey and life after a laryngectomy, had a profoundly impact providing hope, inspiration, and a sense of community for those facing similar challenges.
  4. Global Engagement: Oracle Cancer Trust engaged with international audiences by using appropriate hashtags, including #HeadAndNeckCancerDay, to connect with a wider network of individuals, organizations, and healthcare professionals who share a common interest in raising awareness.
  5. Collaboration: Oracle Cancer Trust worked in collaboration with the University Hospitals of Derby and Burton, University Hospital Leicester and fellow charity The Swallows to produce and launch a video to demonstrate how an oral self-check is administered.

Measuring Impact

The impact of Oracle Cancer Trust's social media campaign on International Head and Neck Cancer Day was substantial. They achieved the following:

Increased Awareness: The organization's posts reached thousands of individuals, increasing awareness about Head and Neck cancers on a global scale.

Engagement and Interactions: Oracle Cancer Trust's posts generated numerous likes, shares, comments, and retweets, indicating active engagement and support from their online community.

Continued Impact Beyond the Day

While International Head and Neck Cancer Day served as a focal point for our social media campaign, the impact of our efforts extends beyond a single day. The increased awareness, engagement, and connections fostered through social media will continue to drive ourmission to fund research, support patients, and advocate for improved care and prevention.

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We would like to extend a special thank you to Jon Organ, who put together a fantastic series of video's sharing his story.

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