Ed Vanson and Guy Randall strike a chord for good with #Tedstock

Tedstock logo with blurred out line up

In the heart of our community, there are individuals whose passion and dedication shine like a beacon, illuminating the way for positive change. Ed Vanson, a local radio DJ, and his technical support Guy Randall are just that. Known for his charismatic on-air presence and deep love for music, they orchestrated a remarkable virtual music festival in 2023 that not only entertained but also aimed to make a significant impact for the Head and Neck cancer community. 

Ed Vanson: The Man Behind the Mic 

Ed Vanson is a familiar voice on Surrey Hills Community radio waves (www.surreyhillsradio.co.uk). His passion for music knows no bounds, and he has a knack for connecting with listeners through his thoughtful commentary, guests and eclectic playlists. 

However, Ed's commitment to the community extends far beyond the radio studio. Inspired by his friend Bob Howes, his mother’s experience with cancer and a desire to give back, he decided to channel his energy into raising funds for Oracle Cancer Trust. 


#Tedstock: A Festival with Heart 

Ed's vision for #Tedstock was simple yet powerful: to unite the community through music while raising funds and awareness for Head and Neck cancer. What started as a small idea soon grew into a grand celebration of music, solidarity, and hope. 

The festival featured a diverse lineup of local and regional artists, showcasing various music genres to appeal to a wide audience. Featuring many different artists #Tedstock had something for everyone. 

Making a Difference 

The ultimate goal of #Tedstock was to make a tangible difference in the Head and Neck cancer community. Thanks to the generosity of virtual festivalgoers, the event raised just over £1000. Beyond the monetary contribution, #Tedstock succeeded in raising awareness about the disease, encouraging early detection, and emphasising the importance of a strong support system. 

The edventure show was proud to support the Oracle Cancer Trust.