Brave Hearts Take the Plunge

Caroline and Ann wearing Oracle TShirt wet, looking cold but happy at the beach

On a crisp Boxing Day morning in Redcar, courageous sisters Caroline and Ann, decided to make a splash in the icy waters of the North Sea to raise crucial funds for Oracle Cancer Trust, a cause close to their hearts for more than one reason. 

Caroline and Ann, armed with determination and a touch of excitement, gathered on the sandy shores of Redcar on Boxing Day, donned in their Oracle Cancer Trust T-Shirts they were ready to run. We asked them what inspired them to take to the cold water and Caroline explained: “Ann and I decided on the Boxing Day dip to honor my father who was diagnosed with Head and Neck cancer last year, after an unsuccessful operation he was diagnosed as terminal, he unfortunately passed on the 7th of Jan 2024.” 

Sadly, this isn’t the first time their family had been touched by Head and Neck cancer Caroline recalled: “My family has previously experienced this type of cancer with my aunty surviving it and it taking her mother my nana in 2007 so the cause was so close to my heart.” 

When asked about what the Big Dip was like she beamed: “The day was cold, but spirits were high there was lots of laughter and excitement. Some of the outfits were hilarious and there were so many causes and charities represented. Ann and I ran like we’ve never done before to get us in and were quickly humbled by the cold North Sea, would we do it again??? You bet!” 

The entire team at Oracle Cancer Trust would like to thank both Caroline and Anne for their courage jumping into the North Sea for the Head and Neck cancer community and raising a brilliant £270.