Paving the Way for Breakthroughs in Oral Cancer Research

PHD researcher Leah Ambler in the lab

In the relentless pursuit of advancing our understanding and treatment of Oral cancer, Oracle Cancer Trust played a pivotal role in funding a groundbreaking research project led by Leah Ambler, a PhD student, that has contributed to two major publications that promise to reshape our approach to identifying metastatic cells in human oral cancer tissue.

The first of these groundbreaking research outputs is a paper published in eLife titled "Identification of Metastatic Cells in Human Oral Cancer Tissue." The study delves deep into the intricate mechanisms underlying the metastasis of oral cancer cells, shedding light on the factors that contribute to the spread of this aggressive disease.

Link to the paper: Identification of Metastatic Cells in Human Oral Cancer Tissue

In addition to the academic publication, the research received recognition in the form of a digest from the journal, available here: eLife Digest. The digest provides a concise overview of the research, making it accessible to a broader audience and emphasizing its significance in the field of cancer research.

The second is a pre-print publication presenting a cutting-edge approach. The research utilizes a microfluidic model of metastasis to unravel the intricate interactions between cancer stem cells and the vasculature in oral cancer. This pre-print represents a leap forward in understanding the complexities of oral cancer metastasis, laying the groundwork for future advancements in therapeutic strategies.

Link to the pre-print: Microfluidic Model of Metastasis in Oral Cancer

In addition to contributing to these studies, Leah has built on these approaches and used our new understanding of the metastatic mechanisms of oral cancer to develop a prognostic signature for oral cancer spread. This is now being trialled in a larger retrospective group of patients which, if initial promising results are confirmed, could pave the way for a clinical test to tailor surgical decision making for oral cancer patients.

Oracle Cancer Trust's commitment to advancing Head and Neck cancer research is exemplified through the recent successes in Leah's groundbreaking studies and marks a step forward in the RACE to overcome the Head and Neck cancer crisis.