Financial support pilot programme

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The diagnosis of Head and Neck cancer can potentially have a large impact on the financial status of a patient and their family, costing families up to £600 more every month. We are delighted to announce a Financial Assistance Grant programme for the North East of England.

Macmillan previously produced a report revealing the hidden costs behind cancer, and if anything from when the report was produced the financial situation for cancer patients will have only have got worse. It is also worth noting that survival rates are increasing but that doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of life, which can also be impacted by financial constraints.

Four in five (83%) people with cancer are, on average, £570 a month worse off because of their diagnosis. This figure is made up of reduced income and increased costs across the following categories: inpatient and outpatient costs, other healthcare costs, clothing, equipment for and modifications to the home, and day-to-day living costs.

The financial impact of cancer has serious knock-on effects to the wellbeing of people affected by cancer. It places a huge amount of additional pressure on people at a time when they should be focusing on their treatment and recovery[1].

The North East has strong health and care services and life expectancy is increasing faster than other parts of the country. But too many residents still suffer from poor health and wellbeing, with many unable to work and trapped in a cycle of poverty and poor health whilst at the same time health and care services are beginning to feel the pressures of a relentless increase in demand at a time of national financial constraint.[2]



We are delighted to have been awarded a grant from the Northern Head and Neck Cancer charity to establish this pilot programme in the North East of England.

If you are a Head and Neck cancer patient based in the North East you can apply for a one off, non means tested, grant of up to £150 to help with expenses associated with your cancer. We have a limited amount of funding for this pilot, if additional financial assistance exceeds the £150 grant (e.g. a piece of specialised equipment to aid in your treatment or care) this will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

How to apply:

  1. You apply through a health or social care professional. This may be a social worker, a district nurse, a benefits adviser, or a member of your medical team
  2. They should complete this online form, if the form is required in another format please email
  3. The Support Team will then process and verify the application
  4. Once your application is approved, our team will let you know and your grant payment will be made by BACS into your bank account