HPV Coalition launch


Oracle Cancer Trust is pleased to announce its membership of the UK HPV Coalition. HPV affects >80% of people in their lifetime and causes cancers affecting both males and females: the HPV Coalition will work in partnership to advocate for UK elimination of these cancers.

On Monday 24th October Tamara Kahn, Oracle Cancer Trust CEO, attended the official launch of the HPV Coalition hosted by Jess Phillips MP.

A key objective of the HPV Coalition will be to advocate for commitment and action from all UK governments to pursue elimination of the whole range of HPV-related cancers, in both men and women.

It is important that Head and Neck cancers are represented, rising levels of HPV related Head and Neck cancers are more widely recognised and that inequalities in access and uptake of the HPV vaccines are address.

Oracle Cancer Trust is pleased to announce it's membership - elimination of HPV related cancers should be possible for everyone.