CRUK announces 2023 Manifesto for Cancer Research and Care

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Cancer Research UK recently presented their “Cancer in the UK: Overview report 2023” and with that launched it’s Manifesto for Cancer Research and Care. It sets out a vision that aligns with our new 5 year strategic plan concentrating on impactful research, awareness campaigns to increase prevention and early detection, increased collaboration to improve cancer care and patient quality of life and survivorship.

The manifesto can be divided into four chapters, covering areas such as research, prevention, early detection, and treatment of cancer. The proposal calls for increased investment in research, prevention and early detection measures, and improvements in cancer care and patient outcomes.

The manifesto highlights the importance of research in preventing, detecting, and treating cancer. It emphasizes the need to translate discoveries into new technologies and treatments, securing rapid access to data, and making necessary reforms for the UK to remain an attractive destination for major oncology trials.

Regarding cancer prevention, the manifesto focuses on the importance of addressing social factors such as smoking, childhood obesity, alcohol, air pollution, and HPV. Currently, in the UK, smoking and excess bodyweight are the two leading causes of cancer. The proposal calls for bold action to reduce the chance of developing cancer, which would lessen the pressure on the NHS, save lives, and boost the economy.

It also emphasizes the importance of early detection and diagnosis of cancer, along with innovative pathways and models for access and care. The proposal calls for the optimization of screening programs, encouragement of help-seeking for signs and symptoms of cancer, and reduction of disparities in treatment and emergency care.

Finally, the manifesto stresses the need for investment and reform in England's health services: to upskill the workforce, improve data infrastructure, and implement a national strategy with accountability and targets to drive improvements in cancer prevention and survival outcomes. The proposal calls for the UK Government to address workforce shortages, harness the power of data, and implement a national strategy to make the vision for cancer prevention and survival a reality.

Overall, the Cancer Research UK 2023 Manifesto aims to create a vision for cancer prevention and survival in the UK and drive improvements in cancer outcomes. The proposal calls for a coordinated effort from policymakers, healthcare providers, and researchers to tackle cancer and improve patient outcomes.

During CRUK’s presentation we were able to identify trends that had were in line with the recently published patient survey by the Head and Neck Cancers Coalition.

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